Cleaning services

Cleaning services are provided of all kinds, whether internal or external
For all those targeted, either periodically and with contracts (weekly, monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually), or express services and contracts according to one visit and the duration of each visit, and cleaning services revolve around the following :
1. Sweep the entire building interior and exterior surfaces.
2. Cleaning and disinfecting toilets.
3. Cleaning stairs and elevators.
4. Cleaning the entrances and exits of buildings and offices.
5. Cleaning of hangouts.
6. Garbage collection and removal.
7. Cleaning reception desks and counters.
8. Air conditioning outlets cleaning.
9. Cleaning lamps, panels, and woodwork.
10. Sweep, mop, and polish floors.
11. Wiping and sterilizing door handles, phones, and lighting locks.
12. Dusting surfaces.
13. Disinfecting toilets, sinks, barriers and walls.
14. Washing windows from the inside.
15 . Carpet washing.
16. Window washing and drying
17. Polishing and cleaning the glass facades from the outside.
18. Interior polishing and cleaning of glass facades.
19. Removing stains and paints resulting from construction.
20. Polishing and washing of aluminum facades.
21. Obtaining excellent services in cleaning the facades and external windows.
22. All surfaces wash.
23. Removing dust and high dust from ceilings, pipes, channels and vents
And bulbs.
24. Removing stains from surfaces and floors, scraping them off, and sweeping away all dust
Surfaces including interior decoration and office furniture.
25. Complete disinfection of kitchens and toilets to be ready for use.
26. Floor cleaning and re-waxing.
27. Cleaning windows and window frames.
28. Cleaning windows and glass from the inside includes scraping and removing scratches.
29. Cleaning lamps, central air-conditioning vents and upper ceilings.